Barburgers & Toasted Ravioli

By Robert F. Moss

Heavys Barburger.jpg

My latest restaurant review for the Post & Courier is out, and it downshifts to take a look at Heavy’s Barburger, a throwback burger joint that just opened in the old Tattooed Moose location on Morrison Drive.

I also headed out to St. Louis (and back to the mid-20th century) for Epicurious to dig into the disputed origins of toasted ravioli, the city’s now-famous deep fried appetizer.

About the Author

Robert F. Moss

Robert F. Moss is the Contributing Barbecue Editor for Southern Living magazine, Restaurant Critic for the Post & Courier, and the author of numerous books on Southern food and drink, including The Lost Southern Chefs, Barbecue: The History of an American Institution, Southern Spirits: 400 Years of Drinking in the American South, and Barbecue Lovers: The Carolinas. He lives in Charleston, South Carolina.