Links to recent podcasts, interviews, newspapers, and other media appearances

‘Iconic’ for our local delis: Why Columbia’s so in love with this signature sandwich

You may call it the STP Dipper or the Andy's Special, but either way it's an icon. I chatted with Chris Trainor about Columbia's signature sandwich.

America the Bountiful: Oysters in South Carolina ( Episode 103 , PBS)

I headed down to Bluffton to talk with Capri and the America the Bountiful crew about the storied history of the oyster in South Carolina.

How one old book took a South Carolina man on a 500-stop, worldwide barbecue journey

Benjamin Simon of the Post & Courier's Greenville bureau called me up for a little commentary on Inman resident Jerry Lovingood's 44-year BBQ tour

A St. Louis grocery store didn't invent pork steaks, despite its website's claim

I chatted with Hunter Bassler of KSDK in St. Louis about unlikely historical claims and who really "invented" pork steaks.

Robert Moss Unveils The New SL Top 50 BBQ List

Get In The Smoke! I joined Greg Rempe in my regular 2nd-Tuesday slot to talk about the recently-released Southern Living Top 50 BBQ Joints list.

"The Lost Southern Chefs" on the New Book Network

I recently joined Kelly Spivey on the New Book Network podcast to chat about my latest book, "The Lost Southern Chefs: A History of Commercial Dining in the Nineteenth-Century South"

Robert Moss Is Part of a BBQ Editor's Convention!

Get In The Smoke! I join Greg Rempe to discuss the fate of Memphis in May and the forthcoming Southern Living Top 50 BBQ List

CHS Menu: The Art of the Restaurant Review

In this episode, Parker and I dive into the mechanics of restaurant reviews and how the landscape has changed . We touch upon my recent reviews of Sorelle and El Molino Supermarket and discuss whether it's time to bring back star ratings.

Robert Moss Hosting His Own Podcast (and game)

Get In The Smoke! This month I try to stump Greg and see if he can tell whether BBQ clickbait was written by a human or by ChatGPT

Texas Barbecue Is the Best It Has Ever Been. Here’s Why.

In a new golden age, younger pitmasters are advancing the form using dynamic flavors from Black, Mexican and Asian cuisines, among others.

CHS Menu: The Story Behind Little Miss Ha

Parker Milner and I discuss the sushi scene in Charleston, including my recent review of 167 Sushi Bar. Then we're joined by Little Miss Ha owner Janice Hudgins to discuss her family's journey and her career in cooking and restaurant ownership.

Simple, Satisfying 3-Ingredient Barbecue Sauces

I talked to Steven Raichlen about BBQ sauce for his latest New York Times piece on sauce, which offers three simple recipes for Alabama white, South Carolina mustard and North Carolina vinegar sauces.

Hash: The delicious barbecue dish that’s a South Carolina secret

Hash is a barbecue tradition practiced almost exclusively in the Palmetto State. Patricia Gaines reveals the secrets of this South Carolina sensation..

Sweet Baby Ray Stops By & Robert Moss Cautions The Click Bait!

Get In The Smoke! I joined Greg Rempe in my usual 2nd Tuesday of the month slot in the first hour of the BBQ Central Show