BBQ Bests, Grievances, and 20 Years of FIG

By Robert F. Moss

I just had a flurry of new articles hit the newsstands—or, technically, mail boxes, web sites, and email inboxes.

First up, Southern Living's annual South's Best issue is out, and that includes the results of the readers' poll for The South's Best BBQ Joints in Every State as well as a deeper dive into the readers' pick for Best BBQ in Alabama, SAW's BBQ.

And I must include my annual reminder: I did not choose the winners in the South's Best list. They're the result of a poll of tens of thousands of Southern Living readers. I just wrote up the results. (My editor's picks will be coming out at the end of the summer, though, when our Top 50 BBQ Joints in the South list is published.)

Then, for the April print edition of Charleston Magazine, I interviewed Mike Lata of FIG about the acclaimed restaurant's upcoming 20th anniversary. (Not available online yet, but I'll add a link when it is.) And, finally, in my March column for the Post & Courier's Charleston Menu subscribers' newsletter, I aired a few culinary grievances about tablecloths (of the lack thereof), bread pudding, and menu fonts.

Check 'em out.

About the Author

Robert F. Moss

Robert F. Moss is the Contributing Barbecue Editor for Southern Living magazine, Restaurant Critic for the Post & Courier, and the author of numerous books on Southern food and drink, including The Lost Southern Chefs, Barbecue: The History of an American Institution, Southern Spirits: 400 Years of Drinking in the American South, and Barbecue Lovers: The Carolinas. He lives in Charleston, South Carolina.