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Looking for More Barbecue? Check Out The BBQ Hub

My online repository for all sorts of barbecue info

Historic Cookbooks - A Checklist

A list of old American cookery books, including links to online versions.

Classic Bartenders Guides: An Online Resource List

Classic cocktails guides and a few shady characters, too

The Thanksgiving Backlash

Instead of ditching the turkey, maybe we should just phone it in.

Dipping Into Cheesy History

RoTel Dip: A Marriage of Convenience (Plus a Bonus Nugget)

A Little Remodeling

Time to give the site a little makeover. Pardon the dust . . .

Why Do South Carolina Liquor Stores Have Red Dots?

No sunsets or illiterate tipplers, just convoluted liquor laws

Tale of Two Derbies (Brown Ones)

The classic Hollywood cocktail that never came within 3,000 miles of Hollywood

A Mint Julep-Fueled Escape

"Tar, Feathers, Imprisonment, and the D---l knows what”

Tariff Skullduggery and the American Whiskey Trade

A tale of political folly and miscalculation.

How Old is Katz's Deli?

Perhaps not quite as old as we've thought

Some Signature Sandwich Theory

And please don't ask me if a hot dog is a sandwich